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As one of Canberra’s leading real estate agencies, Sandy and her team have a thorough knowledge of the local market, which they use to the benefit of each and every client of the agency.

ONE Agency Sandy Morris Property Management is a property management specialist, delivering clients with professional and efficient service.

We understand that property investors are generally only after three things:

  1. A good tenant
  2. Rent on time
  3. Property left in a good condition

ONE Agency Sandy Morris will deliver on these 3 areas and more, and will maximise your profits while doing so.

With extensive experience in the property management field, ONE Agency Sandy Morris specialise in residential property management. This means that all of our resources, capabilities and internal processes are focused towards ensuring our property investors receive the best possible service and return on their investment.

We have developed a highly systemised property management approach that ensures the best interests of the property investor and tenant are kept at the forefront at all times. Our internal processes are detailed, informative and transparent, allowing us to develop a strong and trustworthy relationship with our clients.

5 Star Tenants

Our large portfolio and extensive experience enables us to find 5 star tenants for your property, that meet our most important criteria – Keep a well maintained property and pay rent on time.

The more properties you have, the more selection you can offer. Our database is extensive and where possible, we look to give priority to our 5 star tenants, as we know they can be trusted.

Our Agents Are Mobile

Rather than being stuck behind a desk all day, our team are mobile and spend a large majority of their day on the road. In addition to regular scheduled inspections, your property manager will constantly monitor your property through curbside inspections to ensure all is in order.


ONE Agency Sandy Morris, we pride ourselves on our open communication and transparency. We have absolutely nothing to hide, and provide all property owners with 24 hour access to their records, invoices, statements and lease details.

We believe the secret to good property management is communication, communication, communication. This ensures that our property owners are kept up to date with all information regarding their property.

One Point Of Contact

At ONE Agency Sandy Morris, we adopt a portfolio management operational approach. This enables us to build relationships with our owners and tenants alike, rather than passing them through from agent to agent. This approach ensures that each client and property receives the personal attention they deserve, providing one point of contact if they have a questions, need some help or merely want to have a chat about their property.


ONE Agency Sandy Morris charges market comparable fees including an 8.8% management fee and one week letting fee. Fees can be discussed further at the appraisal stage. 

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