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The Best Agent. I have been involved in the sale of 4 properties in the last 8 years, and although I have had good realtors to assist me with previous sales they did not compare to ONE AGENCY. I had 4 appraisals on my latest property which had an enormous variation in property value, with a wide variety in “Agents’ Commissions”. “ONE AGENCY” had a fixed fee commission, but that is not the only reason for choosing them. I choose the agent that showed me that they were vested in my sale and where truly interested in selling my property with a “nothing is too much trouble” attitude. The agent that wasn’t afraid to be honest, but respectful, with what I needed to do to get the best sale for the property. Tahlia from ONE AGENCY was that agent. She certainly valued me as a client, as I did her as an agent, this is the reason I offered her an incentive for selling my rural property. Rural properties are usually on the market longer than other types of property due to their limited range of buyers. I was very impressed that Tahlia sold within a month of going on the market at a higher price than all other previous appraisals.I would highly recommend Tahlia for your real estate needs; as she is honest, efficient, and informative and a great problem solver with a “nothing is too much trouble” attitude.’